Hellena Daimonius


Standing at six feet tall Hellena is supported by a powerful frame that is unmistakably female. Large firm breasts accent her narrow waist which lead down to swaying hips followed by a long tail. Her golden eyes glow bright against the deep red of her skin which is tattooed with arcane symbols. Her black hair is long and untamed, falling about her shoulders and down to the small of her back. Unashamed of her race and heritage, she allows her horns to grow naturally, curling back upon themselves. She is as deadly as she is beautiful.

Origin and Characteristics

Through the loss of her entire family at age 6, Hellena became a survivor from early on. She trained rigorously in school and regards herself as well educated and extremely powerful. Walking tall and intimidating her foes is top priority. Though she often comes across as sarcastic, she takes herself very seriously. Even though she considers her alignment evil, she does TRY to do the right thing…most of the time. She’s loyal to her friends but isn’t shy about using them to gain the upper hand in battle. She can also be a bit of a flirt and her charisma seems to get her what she wants. Hellena is confident, strong, self-assured, and direct.

Hellena’s “Tail”

Black was my heart the day I lost him. A piece of me dying as I realized my brother would not be returning home. The taste of bile filled my nose as I made a break for the back door of our make shift shanty, barely making it past the threshold as I heaved up the consumptions of the day. I saw nothing but red. Rage overcame my body and I began to convulse. I heard heavy footsteps behind me and as I turned, my eyes focused into the darkness. There stood my father.

“You!”, I screamed. “You shall watch as I rip your heart out the way you have mine!” And as I lurched toward my father, I was halted by the spray of warm blood erupting from his chest. Wiping the thick fluid from my eyes I watched as my father gurgled and slumped to the floor. Behind him stood my mother with tear-filled eyes. He had betrayed her. She released her grip on the short sword and plainly said, “Hellena, we must go.” My fragile 6-year-old body crumpled and all went black.

As I awoke to the rhythmic rocking of a horses gallop, I briefly saw my brother’s bright silver eyes flash before my own, encouraging me to stay strong. I was riding double behind my mother through the desert heading North, according to the stars. We said nothing as we rode through the night. Morning came, and on the horizon I could make out torch light and what seemed to be a fortress of sorts. As we made our way through the gates my young eyes focused in disbelief at the many statues of fellow Tieflings. Between that fact that our father was a feared assassin and that our kind was loathed throughout Arkhosia, we never spent too much time in any one place. Things were apparently different here.

My mother tethered the horse outside a massive stone building. At the bottom of the stairs stood one of the massive statues, a female Tiefling wearing flowing robes and holding a large rod. Her hair was wild and her piercing eyes seemed to be watching over the entryway. Above the door read “Locul de Invatare”. My mother motioned me to dismount. I looked up at her with questioning eyes but was unable to form any words. She pointed to the top of the stairs and as I obediently started to climb, I felt her slip something into my satchel. As I reached the top of the stairs I turned to her hoping to see something in her eyes. I saw nothing but sorrow and loss in them, and inside knew that it had nothing to do with me, as she had never truly loved me. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and once again saw my brother’s eyes. As I reopened them I watched the lean lines of my mother’s form ride away at full speed in the soft light of dawn, never to see her again.

I forced back the tears and reached into my satchel. I pulled out a large sack of coins accompanied by a scroll. Hands shaking, I opened it. The scroll read:


You are a smart girl. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be fine without me. Perhaps even better off. Bael Tirsius will provide a sanctuary for you and a place for you to grow. If your powers are anything close to what your father and I possess, you will do quite well in this world. As for the large sum of Gold, I cannot bear to keep it, as it was earned out of a betrayal made by your father. Without my consent he took it upon himself to sell your brother Szarmas to the Slavers to settle a debt. Only through your father have I known love. I will not stop until we have reunited, as I cannot breathe without him. I must now fix what I have broken. Give praise to your brother, as he is allowing you a bright future, something he will will never know.

Zafana Daimonius

Out of instinct, I knocked at the door. A tall elderly man in gray robes opened the door giving me a puzzled look. My tears began to fall as I recognized the kindness behind his eyes. I placed the bag of gold and the scroll into his outstretched hand. After reading the word’s of my mother he gently placed his frail hands on either side of my face and looked me straight in the eyes. “From now on…,” He said. “You are my child and under this roof, you are safe”. He lifted me into his arms with much more strength than I assumed him to have and carried me down the hall. A nursemaid helped me clean off the filth of my past and as the water flowed, I felt renewed.

I’ve been here ever since, studying the ways of the Warlock under the guidance of two wise professors. And for the last year I have been channeling my brother’s travels during my dream state. Just a little trick I learned from Nedoras, my beloved mentor. At first the images were vague but as this day has neared, I can see in much more detail. Each morning I add the images to form an intricate map which is almost complete. I can feel my brother’s presence now more than ever. I have exceeded everyone’s expectations in all my studies and yesterday with much pride, I graduated with my fellow classmates.

Now I lay here in my warm bunk sheltered from the coolness of the damp dormitory. Above me the wood groans as Donova rolls over. The smells of old mortar and incense fill my nose bringing many fond memories. At the first sign of day I will begin my journey, heading for the town of Three Points where the map says I will find my brother. Sleep is much needed but I’m afraid my excitement won’t allow it. In the twisting flames of lamplight, I occasionally see his sly smile and as I allow my own lids to fall, I once again find strength in those intensely silver orbs. I whisper, “Watch for me brother, as I am drawing near. No longer will you be alone”.

From this point forward all will recognize me as a Warlock. Those that cross me will find themselves in regret. I have forged a pact with the Dark beings that lurk in shadows, and with their guidance I will overcome all that stand in my way. I will destroy those that have tormented my brother and hunt down the vile beast I once called a mother. May the wretched scum of the world watch as I feast upon their hearts. Strike me and be sorry.

I’m on my way home, home to Szarmas.

Hellena Daimonius

Beyond the Veil Hellena