Moradin fights a war on two fronts. On the one hand, he is closely allied with Kord in the Elemental Chaos. His greatest fear is that Tharizdun will free the primordials from their own prisons once he is restored, and from there unleash a terrible and destructive war that will unmake all creation. Though he does not necessarily agree with Kord’s focus on the Nine Hells, he recognizes the importance of this fight and has chosen to allow Kord to captain these efforts, particularly because he is distracted by a more personal goal.

Moradin was devastated by the destruction of the dwarf kingdoms of Arkhosia during the Last War…indeed, he fully withdrew from Earda for decades, for it was so painful for him to walk the streets of the empty ruins. During this time, many of the remaining dwarves lost faith, choosing to remain agnostic or turn to other gods, particularly Kord and Erathis. Now, Moradin has returned, and looks to reclaim his lost glory. This may end up causing friction between Moradin and the gods the dwarves have turned to in his absence, for they welcomed the lost people into their arms and have grown fond of them over time.

Still, many dwarves resent the clear lack of any divine will to reclaim their lost cities – the servants of Erathis have chosen instead to build a new empire in the southeast and even on the western shores of Turathan, while the servants of Kord content themselves with taking out their anger on bands of demons in the mountainous and desert regions. It still pains the dwarves to remember the glory they have lost, and many are rapidly flocking back into Moradin’s embrace, inspired by the promise that their old cities may still be reclaimed.

Moradin’s private war in the mountains could prove disastrous for Avandra and her allies. Retaking the dwarven cities will prove to be a monumentally difficult task, particularly now that the dragons slumbering just beneath them have woken up, and many have claimed a piece of the dwarven cities as their new lairs. If Moradin does gather the remaining dwarves under his banner and set off into the mountains, Ioun and Vecna agree that they go to their deaths, robbing the alliance of the powerful force the reunited dwarves could prove to be.


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