Grief Chapter Two


August 16th, 2008

Broke egg…removed curse

Quest for Rez

Confront Dwarf Rez poof

check on wagon

seperate ways

Bos Monster

talk with Gith’yanki – possible quest

talk with bartender

blacksmith – killed by wife, she is due for execution

something to do for missing kid

demon child came in a boat

shamus – dinner/breakfast speech

great dwarf idea

got an audience with wife

Daughter sold to slaves under the house

she can see the future

Encounter – Blacksmith’s House creepy aura


Gith talk

knows Grief is being hunted

wants us to garner a dock deal – see Baron

Spector Jared fight – ran away.

Wanted to level – fought rats til they died a lot.




August/September ??, 2008

Gith – wants us to kill dragon

- went to talk to warden he suggested that we sabotage the gallows to postpone hanging

chuck – stealth in did the job

hellena – flashed crowd

mithorik – gave speech

shamus – intimidated the crowd

Hellena – spoke her mind to the Githyanki

=> off to kill dragon <=

(first make it through swamp made way through swamp)


Grief and Shamus went down to first LVL

Darn, 4 bats, 1 flaming bat

10 rounds killed bats, nobody died

movng forward into cave Grief finds a Black Dragon

We decide to kill it

We tried to sneak up on it and failed

Mithorik died

We killed the dragon




September ??, 2008

listen to Grief tell the tale…

Rested in the Dragon cave

Used a scroll from Kozar to resurrect Mithorik

Extended rest in cave brings us all back to health

Hellena falls on the way out causing minor damge

Encounter 1 – Krokodyl Rak

4 vice jaw crocodiles – don’t get grabbed!

SUCCESS – 175xp each

Getting through the Swamp


all lost 2 healing surges :(

Three Points

Hellena and Grief are forced to leave the party until the meeting with the Baron is over.

Encounter 2 – Baron

The Keep

Mithorik, Shamus and Quazeir make their acquaintance with the Baron and attempt to garner a better deal for the Gith’yanki and their dock tax.

Multiple Successes through rolling and

LOOTS::300g 194XP/each CandleMaker Map Pact Blade +1 – all from Quazeir

A night of hellraising and tale telling

Meeting in the morning

Quazeir and a couple of his lackeys bring the girl to us.

Girl – 9 years old – shining eyes.

She points to all of us and says, “You’re the ones who are going to stop him. You are the ones in my dreams.” (Him = brambleman)

Brambleman, the man with the red armor.

“He never liked me. When I started telling him about you, he didn’t like it.”

Back to the Warden

He gives us one last chance to see the woman due to his pension for his life style and family’s well being.

Vera is overjoyed to see Nessa.

Vera killed the blacksmith. He beat them and made them both miserable.

“She knew about the door under the house. Many buildings have doors like it and most bartenders are a part of the slave trade.”

“Seek her own homeland.” (the white lands/fey lands)

The Gallows are Repaired

Vera is executed while we watch some in horror, some in pleasure and some in wonder. The priest asked Vera a question unheard by us, but when she saw us in the crowd she looked as if she wanted to scream something, but the floor opened up and her life was over. Her body was scorched with Sacred Fire to eliminate any resurrections and…


MILESTONE REACHED: Grief no longer troubled with -1 for his resurrection sickness.

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Grief Chapter Two

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