Grief Chapter Six

Session 6.2.09

chapter six begins with a BANG!!! Welcome, Ryan!

  • Encounter 1:
    • 3 Canoloths & 2 Tieflings
  • Extended Rest
  • Pathway in full-darkness led to a watery tunnel.
  • A quick toss of a sunrod reveals at least one Faelgar… :O
    • The newest member of the party, a Druid named Red Paw, eager to show his worth, squeezed himself into the form of a spider and crawled around the new watery area and scouted quite a bit. Red Paw found:
      • 2 waterfalls
      • bodies in the water
      • two sets of eyes glaring down from another waterfall above and to the left of the group.

Session 6.16.09

  • Red Paw returns to the group telling of his discoveries and the consensus is that we should use of the dead Canoloths at the end of a rope to attempt to catch one of the Faelgar. ROFL!! It worked, but what the hell do we do with it?
  • The Faelgar immediately grabs Darius from 4 squares away and the whole party is flung into combat off their guard.
  • Encounter 2
    • Two Faelgar are dead, but the pair of eyes still remain.

Session 6.23.09

The watery passage is guarded by those eyes above (Rune Spiral Demons) and the party decides not to bother with them and so attempt to run past their line of sight.

  • The Encounter was successful, kind-of.
    • 200xp for killing the Faelgar, WOOT!
    • 40xp for successfully evading the Rune Spiral Demons
    • only a couple of damaged party members.

Past the demons and along the waterway we have two choices down

  • Bracers of Escape : arms : daily : interrupt : teleport two squares when you’re the target of a melee attack.
  • Goes to: GRIEF
  • Greif’s Feyleaf Vambracers now belong to Red Paw, Grief is beginning to soften his harsh feelings toward the Druid…maybe.

The tunnel ahead is littered with moss, fungus, and other slimy textures. As we move down the walkway we hear the sound of a woman screaming, very soon she is running around the corner and toward us at an alarming rate. She

  • Encounter 2
    • Success! Two Void Walkers and a Tiefling “Rogue”
  • Jayda was running down the waterway. She escaped down the sewers when the doors to the cage were opened.
  • She often hears the screams of victims for hours after they’ve been taken.
  • There is a complex puzzle to access the slave’s cages
  • Two targets occupy the prisoner area and what could be a spider somewhere near there.
  • Jayda has seen Talwyn, the Drow.

Session 7-7-09

  • Encounter 3
    • Several Carnage Demons and sewer blobs that explode when you touch them…bummer!
    • Success!

What about this place? The remaining sewer tunnels are clean, and by clean I mean devoid of enemies. So we find a ladder leading up to a ledge and a door with several levers on the walls.

We must hold down all the levers to release the lock on the door, then pass the doorway before the levers are reset. It worked, but now we are standing inside a pitch black room with an old woman laughing at us…

Session 7-14-09

  • Encounter 4 – Boss fight?!? SHIT!!!!
    • Witch, spider, then a troll!!
    • Talwyn, the drow is yelling at us in Elven from a cell in the back.
    • Red Paw runs back to talk with her. Success, but the encounter did not go well. 80% mortality rate leaving Grief and the Drow, Talwyn to figure out what to do next.
    • Loots: 300xp

Grief Chapter Six

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