Grief Chapter One


July 19th, 2008

In Three Points, a crucial trading post on the western shores of Arkhosia, four adventurers with unknown ties to one another find themselves in a unique predicament. During the night, as all were sleeping, Three Points entered an ethereal state dropping the adventurers and their belongings to the ground from the second floor of the Bloody Harp Inn.

They quickly gathered their gear from the dusty ground and found the city glowing with an ethereal green light. Though the four adventurers were together, they were alone as no other life could be seen. One building however seemed unaffected by the strange occurrence and without speaking, each made their way toward the corporeal building.

Communication began as the adventurers checked out the lone building. Grief, a Tiefling Rogue made checks around the building and peered through the windows to see nothing but darkness inside. While Mythoric, a Half-Elven Cleric, and Hellena, a Tiefling Warlock, discussed the strange event in the street, Morgue, a Tiefling Fighter, and Grief entered the building and began searching for clues.

The building was unfortunately unoccupied though a path of blood stretched across the downstairs floor, carpets and furniture indicating a struggle that led the two brave Tieflings upstairs following the path to a brutal scene involving bedroom furniture and a baby’s crib all splattered with blood. Upon further inspection the word “HELP” was spelled out in blood upon the crib. Morgue returned downstairs while Grief unsuccessfully studied the room for more clues.

The pair of adventurers in the street were interrupted as Mythoric discerned laughter from the north and called out for a response. None came and the laughter did not return, so Mythoric came up with an idea to check the harbour to the west for any clues. The party rejoined and made their way to the docks to find ships still corporeal while the docks and a watchman aboard ethereal. With no other choice the party returned to the building in hopes of discovering something more.

Grief reentered and began searching for something he missed and found a trapdoor leading to an ethereal tunnel unable to be followed because of the corporeal soil, but as he returned upstairs and peered out of an open window he noticed the faint glow of torchlight to the north. That torchlight and the return of the laughter, heard by Mythoric and Hellena gave the party new motivation.

The party reassembled and made their way north to investigate. Torchlight was eminating from the Three Point’ central fountain which was ethereal, but in its place was a small black building and 5 human minions. Morgue used sneak to discern more information about the minions, and while returning to our hiding positions a snapping twig alerted the rabble and Encounter 1 ensued.

Encounter 1: combat

In an attempt to avoid combat and needless bloodshed, Mythoric cried out that we meant no harm…the minions did not head his words and combat continued. 2 Bandits were discovered sneaking up on the left side of the perimeter, but all were soon dispatched or routed. The routing bandits and minions ran down the stone stairwell and we followed after a short rest.

101 XP/Each

10 GP/Each

1 Healing Potion given to Morgue

When rested the party resumed their search and continued down the stone stairs into a darkened room with a bed, a table, and a ruined candelabra. A light emanated from the far left corner and a thick impenetrable darkness occupied the right side of the room. The bodies of the routed bandit and minion lay in the center of the room with one dead bat-like creature upon them. One further step into the room initiated Encounter 2.

Encounter 2: combat

3 bats attacked…Morgue moved into melee, Grief moved to flank and Hellena and Mythoric dealt ranged attacks…bats died.



+1 Dagger of Life Drinking to Grief

Healing Potion to Mythoric

The light in the corner of the room came from a standing figure encased in glowing chains. We spoke to the man through his only method of communication, “the blinking game,” ie., once for yes, twice for no. A good deal of information was discerned, but the chains had to be removed to continue. Encounter 3 followed.

Encounter 3: skill

Chains of Suppression held the man…skill checks were made, Morgue was nearly entangled and was eventually pulled free by his own athletics skill assisted by Mythoric. Hellena discovered a good deal of information about the object through her arcana skill while Grief began snapping the smaller chains around the central ring with his thievery skill. In the end the chains disappeared and the remaining central ring was taken by Grief for investment purposes.


Chains of Suppression given to Grief

Through our short rest we interrogated the captured man.

He is the Keeper of the Reliquary.

We are in the Entrance to the Reliquary

He is from a different time than we are

A group of men captured him

The men work for the Lich

The Lich was not among them

The Lich resides in a tower to the East

The Keeper told us of a ritual book in the reliquary

He warned us that taking weapons into the reliquary was not wise, or in the least would lead to certain death…a, a, a.

He could not/would not join us.



August 2nd, 2008

Chapter 1 Ghost Light Part 2

As told through the eyes of Hellena

Ah what a strange adventure thus far. I am having an overwhelming suspicion that the four of us have been placed together for a very significant reason. Setting off for this strange land I had no idea I’d end up fighting alongside two others of the same kind. I thought I had left all of that behind in Bael Tirsius. And what of this strange and noble Cleric? If his eyes weren’t so kind I’d be suspicious of his agenda with three out of place Tieflings. I can’t help but find him trustworthy.

Moving on from my wandering thoughts, I am going to tell the tale of our second adventure together. We all agreed that we needed to venture further into the Reliquary. We opened the doors into a long and narrow room which seemed to be a library…because it was filled with books. At the end of the room were two large double doors. The room was dark except for a faint light coming from the right. On our way inside we stumbled across the book that the Keeper of the Reliquary had mentioned. As Mythoric, Morgue and I stayed together under torch light, Grief decided to head forth to see if he could get a better look.

My heart pounded as he crept towards the light. Barely knowing him I am feeling an unnerving and unexplainable connection with him. Something I have not shared with him or the others. To my relief he made it back just in time to tell us he had seen a human paroozing through a book accompanied by 3 strange iron dogs, right before one of them let out an ear piercing yelp. A quick wisdom check revealed the iron dogs as Humonculi. In a last ditch effort the optimistic Cleric yells out “We mean you no harm!” once again having no effect and the battle begins.

The battle was grueling to say the least. Unfortunately we started attacking the Humonculi first which brought all of us close to death…even Morgue who was hording a healing potion the whole time. Not the brightest one in the bunch if you ask me but he is the only one with a foot of chain. You never know when we may need it. We finally targeted the “so called Librarian” and when Grief put an end to his wretched life all of the Humonculi went passive and stopped attacking us. What can I say…we’ve only been fighting together for a day now and we’re lacking in communication skills.

After a short rest and a stroll around the library for clues I stumbled across a book called the the tome of the breaking containing the ritual of Gentle Repose, which stores the dead. Hhmmm, I wonder if that will come in handy later? At the rate things are going I’ll probably end up having to sell the damn thing to get us out of trouble.

We make our way to the double doors and Morgue pushes them open. They open to a stairway that leads down into a vast dungeon-like room. There is a deep trench stretching the length of the room with a narrow bridge crossing to the other side. On the other side of the trench stands a Dragon Born Warrior and a large Red Drake. The wall behind them shimmers with lights and there are statues all around. The Red Drake charges but this time Mythoric doesn’t cry out in attempt to avoid confrontation but only mutters to himself that he “wishes he had his cart”…a strange thing to say at a time like this. Once again we find ourselves in combat…I’m sensing a pattern here.

The Dragon Born and Drake make their way to us from across the bridge. During the battle a Lord appears holding a golden wand encrusted in black jewels and a tablet. We defeat the drake which we lovingly dubbed Sprinkles but the Dragon born elite named shival seems to be quite the challenge for us. When the Lord is attacked he retreats through a portal made with his wand. Upon Shival’s near defeat Morgue (even with the use of his healing potion) and Grief lay dead on the cold ground, with Mythoric not far behind. In my final attempt at victory I send a terrifying bolt of dark energy straight at Shival’s ailing heart and my Eldrich Blast finally prevails. The massive Dragon Born lays in a heap before me and I consider eating him just out of sheer principle but I have to remember I am watching my figure. Dragon Born have a notoriously high fat content.

While I look over the carnage and blood shed I realize that I must act quickly. I don’t know how but I must make it back to Three Points to get help for my new found friends. A disguise is definitely needed for my kind is not wanted in these parts. A hooded cloak would do the trick. As much as I hate to hide my beautiful tail and these magnificent horns. Maybe I can find a nice crimson red or a deep eggplant. I guess whatever I can find on clearance. What am I doing?? I must get going, now is no time to worry about vanity!



Grief Chapter One

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