Grief Chapter Five

Nessa. Nessa
Where have you gone?
Eyes of light
Stolen from sight
Sparks of Destiny
Lost underground
For you, we come.

Session 3-31-09

  • Burst through the doors
    • a twisting hallway
    • green light
    • statues of demons tower above us on either side.
    • perception check yields nothing of interest
    • baker pees behind statue
    • corridor continually spiral to the left
    • statues continue along hallway
    • double doors, nondescript, no guard
    • Grief knocks firmly on the door
    • commotion from other side
    • second knock reveals nothing
  • second chamber
    • massive lanterns light the room
    • freestanding stone structures dot the cavern floor
    • devils, dwerragar, dwarves and others fill the hall
    • slaves are being led to the otherside of the room
    • Halfling crashes into Baker and walks off
    • Baker looses money pouch!
    • tailing the halfling
  • halfling makes way into an ale house
    • rough joint built of rubble and crude wood
    • unsavory chars, devils, dweraggar, ogre sPeaking with an imp
    • halfling at bar
    • grief makes a bluff and makes a pass to grab coin purse…pass fails
    • Halfling notices him and seems more scared than angry
    • Grief hands the Halfling 5 gp and the Halfling says meet on the East wall
  • Travel to East Wall
    • Halfling saddles up
    • “My apologies, I hope we can all be friends”
    • .Bennek, the halfling
    • children and slaves are taken to the south passage
    • who runs this place?
    • Nimmin, a demon who watches over the hall
      • low on the pole of administration
      • big demons run the trade from the south
    • the east door, with dragons, leads to an old wizard reliquary
      • demons are trying to find a way in
      • sometimes the slaves are sent that way
    • keep to yourself to stay unabtrusive
  • check out the slave quarters
    • no windows, duergar guarding door
    • Helena bluffs her way into the quarters
      • first bluff fails
      • second succeeds
    • inside, two guards…one leaves to check papers
    • “can’t even stand the sight of these slaves”
      • secret door opens into corridor
      • corridor leads to large room
    • slaves chained to central pole.
    • no Nessa
    • check for secret doors
      • found one
      • easily found the latch and opened the door
  • new room
    • with duergar guard
    • Helena bluffs the guard with a story
    • you bought slaves, ha ha, now die
    • encounter begins
    • Grief bluffs their way out of danger and the party leaves the quarters
    • no encounter
  • southern passageway
    • come upon a huge chasm with a low stone wall along the edge
    • like the one in front of the reliquary but much wider
    • to the South, left, two bastions sit on either side of the chasm connected by two long stone bridges
    • a portculis lies ahead guarded by an elemental dragon – very young blaze wyrm
      • generate intense heat
      • defense – will ref fort ac – lowest to highest
      • sentient, speak draconic
      • the portculis looks locked in the middle
      • bars are made of wood, not metal
    • edging closer to the portculis
      • darius takes 5 fire damage from the dragon
      • 2 tieflings appear behind the portculis

Session 4-7-09

    • pouch – 60 gp
      • 20gp each
    • chainmail of sacrifice +1
      • to Baker
    • potion of clarity
      • to baker
  • Party moves into hallway on the other side of the room
    • 4 doors from here
      • 1. room with a spa
      • 2. locked with no way in
      • 3. empty barracks
      • 4. double doors lead to furnace room
        • open door, see nothing
        • Darius walks in and signals an attack
    • 4 duergar
    • success!
    • 182xp
  • no loots in the room
  • 18c 2s
  • smith chamber
    • 215g to ME
    • elixir of will
      • encounter: immediate interrupt giving will defense of 25
    • frozen whetstone
      • gives +2 cold damage

Session 4-21-09

  • wind tunnel room
    • wide bridge across the chasm
  • large corridor ending in double doors
  • multiple doors
    • 1 Bessa and Calder in the kitchen
      • we set them free
      • they tell us about their guards that can move around to flank us
      • there is a man in the room with a special collar
        • from the temple of pelor
      • been there 3 years
      • Rundar is in charge of the fortress across bridge
    • human walks in
      • we free him with a successful dual check: thievery/arcana
      • we keep the collar
      • his name is Jonas
      • they have taken my equipment an put it in the armory.
      • girl may have been taken through the dragon door
      • danger is closer to our feet
      • minotaurs built temple here to house an evil god and contain him.
      • Jonas has been here for a few months
  • encounter
      • lvl 8
      • when you reduce enemy to 0
      • make secondary attack
      • target is blinded until end of next turn
    • success!!
  • armory search
    • Jonas’ gear
    • sellable gear
    • tarnished jewelry (40g)
    • healing potion
      • to darius

Session 4-28-09

  • Decision was made deal with the bodies we’ve created
    • took couple hours
  • party makes their way back to the Hall
    • within the hall we must make certain skill challenges, each one will present us either a positive outcome or a negative one
      • movement within the hall (athletics, stealth, streetwise)
      • finding a location
      • gather information (bluff, diplomacy, streetwise)
      • lay low (dungeoneering stealth streetwise)
  • Darius attempts to find lodging and succeeds, but we must sleep in pigeon holes
  • Grief fails with a bluff roll to find out about the dragon door
  • Hellena succeeds at a Bluff to help a gem courier take his wares in trade for information.
    • 15 hours ago a girl was brought in to the door.
    • Saruun mage used this dragon door to gain access to the reliquary
    • all gather information challenges are now easier
  • Baker wants to move toward the pigeon holes, he succeeds without being noticed.
  • New area
    • shops and vendors
    • set up watch
  • evening passes uneventfully, full rest reset
  • Commotion in the hall
    • argument by duergar, duergar shouting to see Nimmin, a succubus
    • Darius approaches the group and is approached himself by a Drow
    • “you shouldn’t be on the streets”
  • Grief succeeds on a lay low challenge and we are not noticed
  • Hellena attempts to move the group toward the dragon door
    • success, but it is heavily guarded by 3 demons
    • Dragon door is green with golden dragons decorating the door
  • Baker succeeds with a lay low challenge
    • the party waits and watches for a shift change or some other “danger decreaser”
  • Darius succeeds at an insight check
    • the demons are guardian demons, they will not back down and they are out of our league
  • Grief uses streetwise to gather information to find out that the guardian demons answer to Nimmin
    • approached by a drow
    • “what are you doing? you are going to get us all killed. Come to House Baenre.
  • Hellena succeeds at finding House Baenre.
  • the party moves into house.
    • drow moves us into a back room
    • an old grizzled drow comes into the room
      • “you’re the ones who cleared out the Horned Hold?”
      • Theras, the old drow could use our help.
      • “we’re not happy with the situation here. we are obligated to act as though we are with them, but we really don’t like it.”
      • “how many of you are there?”
      • “many and there is a tunnel nearby that leads to the underdark.”
      • “what difference do you think you can make?”
      • “we are sabotaging operations.”
      • “we have come down here with a purpose and are interested in making a difference.”
      • “we are not interested in the chained god.”
    • Hellena asks about the slave that was killed
    • Hellena asked about the reliquary events
    • They are trying to wake up the chained god
  • Theras’ History Lesson
  • the drow have already begun flinging slaves into the well to try to pull him out
  • the seven cities in the desert are being used to weaken the god’s chains
  • Talwyn has been taken into the well.
  • deep down beneath the chasm the well exists and the minotaur have a way to move between the hold and the well
  • Theras shows us on our map where we may gain access to the well
  • kanal, is the name of the well
  • Darius asks for supplies and perhaps some way to hide ourselves when confined.
  • take care of the servants, and rest there
  • Hellena buys gear
  • Darius buys raise dead scroll
  • Theras believes he can smuggle us to either bridge
    • we will take the first bridge


  • the party is smuggled across the first bridge by way of the ‘drow train’
  • door at the end of the bridge, we insert key into door, a 4-door’d room is ahead of us
  • open the double doors to peer in
    • corridor leading to a stair way leading and around to the west
    • party enters corridor
      • very dark
      • up stair well
    • another corridor leading to the left
    • crack a sunrod and see a stone door, with a carved demonic minotaur, Baphomet.
    • the door opens a crack and we see a broken statue.
    • familiar blood red symbols lie on the wall
    • figures move toward us.
  • Encounter 1
    • servant of the chained god, but they have been altered by Void Blade
    • defenses, AC, REF, WILL, FORT
    • SUCCESS!! but darius is down.
    • 200XP
    • holy symbol of dire fate
    • 25XP bonus to GRIEF

Session 5.5.09

Ruined Chapel and beyond

After the Void Blade encounter: Extended Rest w/ a watch…Hellena, Grief/Baker, Darius/Jonus. Uneventful rest.

  • Door to the West, or back to the East
    • Choose door to the West: it is locked and jammed: SUCCESS after 4 hours of trying…Yoda would be upset.
  • Corridor for another 30-40 feet with another door: NO TRAPS!!! BUT ONLY BECAUSE GRIEF FAILED HIS ROLL!!: NEW STATUE ROOM
    • <u>Darius</u>: R(religion): all of the statues in this vaulted room represent each personae/face of Baphomet
    • <u>Jonus</u>: Solid chamber and the path leading to the final statue is well travelled.
  • Final Statue “The first mask of Kanaal is the last face of Baphomet, ye who’d enter Death’s Watch find the mask your path shall set.”
    • 10 horns being held by the bald statue
    • most of any statue = 9
    • Baker: R(history): Baker thinks the word Kanaal is two different Minotaur words meaning “Death’s Watch”
    • Hellena: R(arcana): head is enchanted but of a different material than horns: we think they will work together.


(1)1 (1)2 (2)3 (1)4 (2)5 (0)6 (2)7 (2)8 (1)9 (2)0 nope nothing

  • Darius: places 2 horns in head: statue does nothing, then gives us the ol’ Red Eye and there is movement from behind.
  • ENCOUNTER 1: once defeated the ‘minotaur’ stone warder: lowers its weapon and returns to its place in the room…bummer for us!

Session 5.12.09

Ruined Chapel and beyond, again…

Party has stumped themselves by the number problem. Grief, listens to voices from behind a door. Sinister laughter from DM spells doom.

Expansive chamber with 3 large wells.
  • Single Duergar, and 7 devils stand guard, 2 armored humanoids with a devilish appearance.
  • Encounter 2
    • Devils are minions
    • armored humanoids are able to disappear.
    • SUCCESS!! and the new rules are exceptional!! Great Job, Matt and Braden!
    • 189XP
    • LOOTS
      • 120GP: 40 gold each
      • Potion of Vigor: gain 15 temp HP – to Darius
      • nothing found with a 19 roll
    • few came to city in boats, but most were taken from their beds.
    • No Drow, but they recall seeing one, she was seen yesterday but moved quickly through and out.
    • all slaves come with Darius back to Ruined Chapel.

Extended Rest

  • Left the slaves in the Ruined Chapel as the party moves toward Murklemor’s Chamber.
    • R(Perception): Crackling fire, and unrecognizable voices.
  • 2 large fireplaces, short staircase leading up. Several orange bearded Duergar glare us. “pathetic surface dwellers, your souls will be devoured! Take them alive!”

Encounter 3

SUCCESS!! Murklemor Dead!!
  • 260XP each
    • shelf near bed – 2 potions of healing – to Hellena and Baker
    • idol of baphomet with 3 horns – 180GP
    • coins and stuff worth 470GP
    • Hellena, Grief, Darius – XP Bonus 25 for tactical movement and cheer leading

Session 5.26.09

Party has locked themselves into Murklemor’s chamber wondering what to do next. We must clean out one more room and let the slaves go free. So we must continue to the South…
  • Watch out for the canine demons (Canoloth) that act as sentries watching the doors and some tieflings.
    • Canoloths don’t have eyes, but are incredible trackers…AC FORT REF WILL (H-L)...long ugly mean tongues…they are slightly more powerful than we are, but not totally unmanageable. Melee and occasionally psychic damage.

Thadius and Frost are arguing with each other through a murder hole, standing outside the keep… Frost, urging Thadius to leave Thadius, his work is of the utmost importance and refuses to leave. “dragon” Frost turns toward our side of the chasm… We wait out Frost’s retreat and take an extended rest…uneventful

Party passes with the slaves through the well room and we find it “undisturbed” Murklemor’s chamber is much the same and it will be used as a staging room for combat and the slaves…

  • Two tieflings, two canaloth
  • Oooh! we can’t take more than one extended rest in a 24 hour period…BURN!!
  • Success!
    • 180XP
    • Shadow fell gloves – tier 1 – to Hellena
      • Power(daily) necrotic, /add 1d6 to any necro damage power used/

Party takes a short rest. Darius opens the door overlooking a cliff with a trail leading downward to the desert. Slaves are released into the desert. 35xp for releasing the slaves, the Pally is embraced by an elder slave and is given a magic item, Power Jewel!!

Back to the Baphomet room and Darius promptly place 3 horns atop the statue’s bald head.

Characters all level

Teleport to the Well

Chapter 6: The Hole in the World

  • the Sun

Grief Chapter Five

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