At the dawn of the world, in the wake of the wars between the gods and the primordials, the victors sought to populate the created world they had successfully defended with mortal creatures. First to lay claim to its lands were the dragons, born from the blood of Io and shaped by the vices of Tiamat and Bahamut, but these were brought into the world by the circumstances of war rather than divine will. The first “true” created race were the elves, shaped through an alliance of several gods. These creatures did not walk in the world long, however, before war tore them asunder.

The Twilight War, as it came to be known, left the elven peoples permanently divided according to their allegiances during the war. The drow followed the traitorous Lolth, symbolically choosing the Underdark as their home to match her Abyssal domain. Most other elves embraced their own mortality, believing (most would say correctly) their close ties to the Fey had led them into conflict. There were a few, however, who chose to reaffirm their devotion to the Twilight world by abandoning their elven roots, instead taking on a new identity as the stewards of the Feywild. They called themselves the eladrin, and Corellon became their patron deity.

Unlike the elves or the drow, the eladrin chose not to explore Earda, remaining instead in the beautiful cities of the Whitelands they had always inhabited. For the most part, these cities exist simultaneously in the mortal world and in the Feywild, and it is difficult for most visitors to determine which plane they are experiencing from moment to moment as they walk the streets of Mithrendain or Cendriane. It is often not even necessary to find a portal into the Fey while in an Eladrin city; one simply needs the aid of an Eladrin to guide him into the Plane of Faerie.

As the Last War did not touch the shores of the Whitelands, the Eladrin remain blissfully unaware of the terrors the Arkhosians suffered at the hands of the Abyssals; those few who do know typically do not care for the fate of humans or even elves. Now, however, something has changed. Eladrin cities have closed their doors to outsiders, and Eladrin can no longer be found wandering the forests or port cities of the Whitelands. They cannot even be seen walking the walls of their own cities; constant vigilance is needed to defend their homes against the dangers of the Feywild, yet they have seemingly abandoned their defenses. Those who have seen the disturbance of the links between Earda and the Shadowfell (not to mention the jagged portals to the Abyss which have begun to open) believe the connections to the Feywild have surely been disrupted as well, and that the Eladrin’s deep bonds with the Fey has had some grim consequence.


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