The dragonborn were once the most powerful race in all Earda. Guided by their draconic kin, they established a grand empire that spanned across the entire central continent. So impactful was this empire upon the history of the many races who called this land home that it still bears the name they gave it – Arkhosia.

All paid homage to the dragonborn in the golden age of Arkhosia, though they were generally seen to be just rulers. Over hundreds of years, however, they became increasingly influenced by the dragons who first aided their rise to power. Some swore fealty to the metallic children of Bahamut, while others devoted themselves to Tiamat and her chromatic spawn. Eventually, the empire erupted in a civil war that left the dragonborn in a weakened and defenseless state. Worse still, they could no longer rely on the dragons who had always helped enforce their rule – the chromatics grew bored with mortal affairs, and the metallics, believing their influence had left all Arkhosians worse off, left the central continent altogether, vowing to never return.

It was in this defenseless state that the dragonborn found themselves in conflict against a vastly superior force – the newly created tiefling empire of Bael Turath. Swiftly claiming the desert of Ar’kesh as their own, the tieflings extended across all Arkhosia, cutting a burning swath of genocide through the dragonborn cities, nearly eradicating this once great race in the process. The other races of Arkhosia managed to drive the Turatheans back and destroy their fledgling empire, but it was too late. In the wake of their own civil war and the holocaust that followed, the dragonborn were reduced to crushing irrelevance in the blink of an eye.

The few remaining dragonborn have been scattered to the farthest corners of Earda. Most live out their lives in isolation, secluded from the rest of the world, occasionally in small villages composed entirely of dragonborn. These villages can be found throughout Arkhosia; from the harsh, northern wastelands to the warm, lush Growlands to the south. While never hostile to outsiders, the inhabitants of these villages do not welcome them. Indeed, when other races interact with dragonborn, it is with the outcast who has found a place in human society…often among bandits.

Most of the remaining dragonborn are neutral, serving no god and preferring to dwell far from conflict; few were seen fighting on either side in the Last War, and those that were served as mercenaries to the highest bidder. Some say that if the banner of Bahamut were to be raised again in Arkhosia, the dragonborn would gather beneath it. There are even rumors of dragonborn cities loyal to the Platinum Dragon in the Whitelands to the far west, though no Arkhosian has ever laid eyes upon them.


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