Beyond the Veil

Chapter One - Ghostlight

After what seems a lifetime on the road, four strangers have come together in the town of Three Points. Throughout the ages, this port town has stood as a monument of the indomitable spirit of man. In recent years, the people of Three Points have fallen on hard times, as the trade routes to the North and South vanished beneath the tides of war. Still, the city remains a crucial trading post, managing the river trade to the south, and dealing with the magical wares of the githyanki from across the sea.

In recent times, rumors of kidnapping and slave trade have caused sailors and caravans to dread a stop in Three Points. Men whisper over mugs of ale that some tavern keepers have made pacts with the demons of the desert, to drug able-bodied men and keep them in cells beneath the earth until they can be taken away.

The strangers – three tiefling adventurers and a half-elf of Turathan – arrive in town late at night from varied points of origin near the same hour. Exhausted, each make their way to the only inn with a light in the window, a seedy little tavern called The Bloody Harp with a few beds on the second floor. The tieflings take such great care to hide their identities that they remain oblivious to their kin, unaware that they have all been drawn here by the same tug of destiny.

The strangers collapse into their separate beds and fall into a deep, dreamless sleep. Hours go by, and they each find themselves dreaming of flying. Suddenly, they are awakened by a deep pain across their bodies, as though they have been hit across the side with a plank of wood. They slowly blink their eyes open and realize they have fallen to the earth. The adventurers stand and look along what was once a row of houses and shops. Now, there is only a ghostly image of what was, flickering a blue-green color. For the first time, they become aware of each other, and all realize they have somehow been spared from whatever curse has befallen Three Points. Perhaps they have become the only ones capable of ending it…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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