Beyond the Veil

Chapter Two - Welcome to Three Points

Upon shattering the strange black egg responsible for the ghostlight curse, Hellena, Grief and Morgue find themselves in a town brimming with hatred for their kind. Fortunately, the half-elf Mythoric has become their ally, and he is able to help them move around the city unnoticed and unharmed.

Although the heroes wonder about the man in the red armor who was apparently responsible for the curse and their brief journey into the past, they agree they must turn their attention elsewhere for now. The orphaned girl who has apparently drawn them together is missing, and her foster mother faces execution for the murder of her husband. There are rumors the blacksmith has risen as a wight, and now haunts the drags beyond the walls of Three Points. A malevolent force inhabits his shop, preventing the heroes from investigating the building where they first found the girl’s plea for aid.

The time has come to gather allies in the effort to help end the bigotry the tieflings face, to find the missing child and, finally, to seek clues that will reveal the identity of the man in the red armor…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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