Beyond the Veil

Chapter Three - Beyond the Veil

Just as the adventurers seem to have ended their quest to find their lost companion, Morgue, and the mysterious Candlemaker, they find themselves wondering if it is only just beginning. As Hellena’s hand curls around the spider talisman the old man thrusts upon her, the world darkens and fades away, leaving behind a cracked, barren landscape and a stifling darkness. The heroes seem to have escaped certain deaths at the hands of the dragonborn bandit, Sharvis…but have they stepped from the cauldron into the fire?

Hellena, Mythoric, Grief and the dwarf Seamus must now escape whatever dark plane the talisman has taken them to. At first, their trek may seem a mere distraction from matters at hand; one more thing between them and the answers they seek. In the end, however, it shall become the key; the true beginning of their journey and the face of the terrible threat they alone must face…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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