Beyond the Veil

Chapter Six - A Hole in the World

It was the drow Theros who was finally able to shed some light on how many of the dangers the heroes have faced thus far are connected. By relating the history of the city above, he told the heroes of the long conspiracy to return the Chained God to the world, and how its Servants have been at the heart of it since the beginning of mortal history.

Although the heroes believe they now know where Nessa has been taken, they require the aid of Theros and his renegades to reach her, and they reluctantly agree to work together against their common enemy. However, Theros insists there is a more pressing task before them – disruption of the rituals the Servants are conducting over the Well of Kanaal, deep in the chasm that seems to run through much of the vast network of caverns and ruins beneath Three Points. Whether or not the urgency he attaches to this mission is genuine remains to be seen, for the drow has a personal stake in the quest: one of his finest agents, Talwyn, has been taken into Kanaal, and he believes her life is in immediate danger. This issue seems irrelevant, however, as Theros stubbornly refuses to help the companions enter the Dragon Door unless they first rescue Talwyn.

Their search for the drow has lead the heroes through an ancient stronghold, from which the minotaur watched over the temple the Servants once built to worship their god, and the well that is said to stretch beyond the boundaries of the world and into the Void itself. They have cleansed the hold of the duergar and demons who inhabited it and, with any luck, inflicted permanent damage on the slave trade. Now, they have found the gate to Kanaal itself. With trepidation, Darius places three horns in the final statue of Baphomet…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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