Beyond the Veil

Chapter Four - Tomb of the First King

Seamus, Mythoric, Grief and Hellena – along with their new ally, the wizard Wu – have barely managed to escape the defiled cathedral of the Raven Queen and the Void itself. The Candlemaker takes the talisman, now crackling with dark power drawn from the depths of the Abyss, and thrusts it into the palm of her hand, imploring her to offer a quick prayer to Lolth. As she utters the words, black tendrils of necrotic energy spring forth and wrap themselves around the bandits surrounding the Candlemaker’s cabin. Sharvis lets out a cry of unbridled rage as he and his men are pulled into the Void.

At last, the adventurers are truly able to meet the Candlemaker and lay their questions at his feet – the nature of the girl, Nessa, the fate of their fallen ally, Morgue, the identity of the man in the red armor and, perhaps most of all, whatever he can tell them of the slave trade they are now determined to put a stop to.

Although the Candlemaker is able to reveal much, the quest he sets before them is daunting, and the heroes balk at the sheer scope of it all. They are, after all, mere fledgling adventurers – destiny or not, how can they hope to stop the Abyssals, mend the Veil, and prevent the last champion of the Order of Thorns from gathering the enigmatic Tablets of Ending? Yet, the Candlemaker insists that this is indeed their task; he is certain the world has entered the age of the Three Fates, and Nessa’s visions of them – not to mention their immunity to the ghostlight curse – have lead him to believe they are the heroes of the Twin Soul Prophecy.

While the Candlemaker gathers what information he can of the prophecy, he sends the companions back to Three Points to seek out a trusted friend, the historian Altruis, and to rid the city of whatever dark magic possesses the blacksmith’s shop. The heroes realize that to do so they must defeat Jerrod himself, and reveal whatever – or whoever – is responsible for raising him from the grave…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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