Beyond the Veil

Chapter Five - Into the Underworld

The betrayal of the gentle priest Thaddeus, one of the few citizens of Three Points who seemed willing to look beyond race, runs deep. Apparently a highly placed member in a cult of humans who have pledged themselves to restoring the power of an evil god, long forgotten by the mortal world, he is an ally of the Abyssals and a traitor to his race. To rub salt in the wound, he mockingly informs the party that Nessa, who they entrusted to his care, is in danger once again. Still, Grief and Hellena decide to honor the memory of their friend, Mythoric, by bringing him back to Three Points alive to answer for his crimes.

The sting of this terrible discovery is relieved somewhat as the party return to the city and find that stopping whatever blasphemous rituals Thaddeus was responsible for seems to have lifted the curse on Jerrod’s shop, and news of their heroism has spread throughout the town. Thanks to their decision to bring the spell’s last victim back to life (a ritual, in an ironic twist of fate, performed by Thaddeus himself), the innkeeper Jarl has mended the damage he inflicted on their reputations, and has even become an advocate for tieflings in his own right. The adventurers’ spirits are lifted by the knowledge that their deeds have finally begun to bear fruit.

They know, however, that their work here is far from over.

With their new allies, the dragonborn Baker and Mythoric’s brother Darius, the heroes discuss the dangers to Three Points, and struggle to decide where their services are most needed. In the end, it is Grief, once a slave himself, who declares that the kidnappings that have plagued the town for years must end. The party agrees that they must move quickly to save Nessa from the Servants of the Chained God, and that they will do what they can to put a stop to the slave trade. Determined, the heroes descend into the slave tunnels…

From the journals of Szarmas Daimonius




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